WoD 2020

‘Whole of Discipline’ is a long‑standing lecture series presented by the RMIT Communication Design program. RMIT engaged with Public Journal to reimagine the form and content and expand the reach for 2020, iso‑style.

Communication Design Strategy, Branding and Series Production

Bec Nally, Creative Director
Jason Rohmursanto, Designer

AGDA Partners
Anita Lyons, National Events & Partnerships Manager
Pollyanna Guthrie, Councillor & FFO Moderator

RMIT Communication Design

Engaged 2020

After analysis of the previous lecture series and student interest, Public Journal purposefully shifted the brand personality, with a make-over that spoke to students and the commercial design industry.

WoD 3 background

Within the Communication Design program casually, the lecture series was fondly nick-named WoD. This relaxed, casual tone became a trait for the rebrand — played up by a customised mod-monoline logotype.

Public Journal developed a language set that spoke to the broad mix of emerging and existing designers we were aiming to engage. The pop culture dialogue was deliberate — softening the use of some more intimidating four syllable words and concepts that Masters and PhD students gravitate towards.

WoD1 Hero Assets v2

The overarching artwork theme for WoD’s rebrand responded to a simple question, often asked in the RMIT Communication Design program —

How can we find ways for students and industry to engage with each other? Or in academic speak, how can we encourage reciprocal knowledge sharing between emerging and existing designers?


Using a visual pun for extra giggles, we developed an activity that enabled students to meet design practitioners in their workspaces and share moments together as they exchanged wads of work. The work would then be developed into artwork for the series — connecting emerging and existing designers through a shared love of design work and a visual narrative that existed because of their encounter.

Wads were starting to be collected… and then COVID‑19 hit.

Plans for personal encounters and the fancy Capitol Theatre venue were no longer an option. With a quick change of gears and careful attention to tone, Public Journal developed a revised communication strategy — moving the series to a virtual format and leveraging off the new shenanigans of iso-life.

Our desire to develop a community building series was so important, now more than ever. And we were blown away by the hunger, support and connectedness that resulted from the confidence of RMIT Communication Design, support of AGDA and the amazingly talented and generous line up of speakers we engaged with.

PJ216 Instagram Hero Panels v2-7

WoD Lecture 2 — First Five out

Luke Tiziani

Lead Graphic & Spatial Designer at Space Between

Michael Precel
Graphic Designer & Front‑End Developer

Shyanne Trutwein
Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Cassandra Ciccarelli
Brand Designer & Consultant at The Distillery


Pollyanna Guthrie

AGDA Councillor

WoD Lecture 3 — Side Hustle 

Naomi Savio

Visual Merchandising - Projects at Mecca Brands
+ Co‑Founder of Mr Fancy Plants  → side hustle 

Jessica Leitmanis
Freelance Designer + Artist  → double hustle 

Grace Tai
Product Designer at Xero
+ Founder of The Green Samaritans  → side hustle 

Zenobia Ahmed
Independent Designer  → all hustle 

WoD Lecture 4 — Work Mates

Jeremy Wortsman

Founder & Director, The Jacky Winter Group

Jenna Hipgrave
Owner & Director, Hungry Workshop

Andy Matsinos
Co-Founder & Front End Developer, Bone Digital

Hilary Walker
Co-Founder & Photographer, Nicholson Street Studios 

IG Story + Post Layup v6

Content and design of EDM

Content for AGDA Events Page

PJ216 Signoff Clouds

The virtual WoD series was broadcast to over 1200 viewers live across the isolated globe and continues to reach viewers daily.

WoD Lecture 2 — First Five Out

WoD Lecture 3 — Side Hustle

WoD Lecture 4 — Work Mates


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