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Where is WoD? 

WoD is where you are!

Isolated, taking care of humanity and flattening that curve like a pro.

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Our first virtual lecture was a huge success with over 600 viewers tuning in across the isolated globe.

WoD Lecture 2 — First Five Out

Designers spoke from their lounge rooms / home studios / hallways / front porches about their first five years out in industry.

Nerd out on trancripts, chat and Q&A here.

Luke Tiziani
Lead Graphic & Spatial Designer at Space Between

Michael Precel
Graphic Designer & Front‑End Developer

Shyanne Trutwein
Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Cassie Ciccarelli
Brand Designer & Consultant at The Distillery

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Monday Week 5
March 30, 2020

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