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Where is WoD? 

WoD is where you are!

Isolated, taking care of humanity and flattening that curve like a pro.

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Grab your paper samples and get ready to nerd out at this semester’s final virtual WoD.

WoD Lecture 4 — Work Mates

Business owners, independent creatives and suppliers spoke from their letterpress workshops, photography studios, light boxes and coding rooms about nerding out with designers and the value of process and good relationships. 

Nerd out on trancripts, chat and Q&A here.

Jeremy Wortsman
Founder & Director, The Jacky Winter Group

Jenna Hipgrave
Owner & Director, Hungry Workshop

Andy Matsinos
Co-Founder & Front End Developer, Bone Digital

Hilary Walker
Co-Founder & Photographer, Nicholson Street Studios 

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Monday Week 9
May 4, 2020

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