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Where is WoD? 

WoD is where you are!

Isolated, taking care of humanity and flattening that curve like a pro.

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Since isolation hit we have had over 1000 people tune in to the virtual WoD series — what a community!

WoD Lecture 3 — Side Hustle

Designers spoke from their cabins, green houses, home studios and dining tables about their passion projects and side jobs outside their 9–5 in the design industry.

Nerd out on trancripts, chat and Q&A here.

Naomi Savio
Visual Merchandising - Projects at Mecca Brands
+ Co‑Founder of Mr Fancy Plants  → side hustle 

Jess Leitmanis
Freelance Designer + Artist  → double hustle

Grace Tai
Product Designer at Xero
+ Founder of The Green Samaritans  → side hustle 

Zenobia Ahmed
Independent Designer  → all hustle 

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Monday Week 7
April 20, 2020

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