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WoD Lecture 2 — First Five Out
Streamed: March 30, 2020



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  1. What should advertising agencies or design studios do to overcome the virous crisis? How can those company help their client overcome this hard time?
  2. What’s your advice in beginning a freelancing career? How do you find your first clients?
  3. To Shy - how did you manage to get the projects where you worked with the architects and interior designers? Did they find you or vice versa? Thanks.
  4. Guess this will apply to all: where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years?
  5. How did you manage to get from studying to just opening your own studio? Was it most of your clientele from freelancing that you brought along? How do you even get those clients in the first place?
  6. Shyanne, What did you think of the course at Billy Blue? Did you study on-campus or online?
  7. Also, do you niche with respect any particular industry, client or type of design? Why / why not?
  8. Would you recommend the Billy Blue design school?
  9. Shy do you have a team or work with freelancers that you collaborate with on projects or do you like the freedom of working by yourself?
  10. Love your work shyanne, any tips for building connections in industry and finding freelance work? thank you
  11. Will this webinar be repeated again? I missed 30 minutes of it due to internet problems.
  12. How much of your skill set/talents were developed outside of uni? Either from external education or industry experience?
  13. Luke - I'm an interior design student in Tasmania. What is the best way to get some practical experience in the field?
  14. Hi Luke, how did you go about getting freelance work when you were just starting out?
  15. Hi Luke, did you do any external courses of learning for you non-design skills?
  16. I am an Interior Architect and keen with the design process of branding. At what stage would you engage a graphic designer with the interiors concept to work hand in hand and make it an authentic creative singular idea.
  17. What exactly is ‘brand activation’?
  18. Luke what programs do you use on the daily as a graphic and spatial designer?
  19. How many people are in your team, Luke?
  20. What’s your 5 year plan from here Luke?
  21. Hello! I would love to hear from anyone, when designers come to you applying for job positions at your studio, workplace etc what do you look for? What are things that make you instantly think "no" to potential applicants? Thanks!
  22. What are some of the biggest challenges faced when working with a client as big as Nike?
  23. Luke do you think this quarantine will affect people’s willingness to interact with experiential activations as they may be cautious or will it be something people will be craving and they’ll be a boom of demand?
  24. It's a question for everyone, but how do you all approach combating design fatigue/block?
  25. In an alternative universe, what career would you have chosen?
  26. Also interested to hear people's opinions on unpaid internships. Is the potential experience/knowledge gained worth the slightly icky feeling of being a bit exploited?
  27. Luke how does spacebetween work. Do you largely work with full-time creatives or with freelancers on a project by project basis depending on the skills that are needed?
  28. Ask qustion to Cassie:
    Can you tell us more about what is life’s looks like to be a project manager?
    How differences to become a project manager and an art director?
    Thank you Cassie!
  29. Michael, could you share about how you picked up/learnt webdev?
  30. Do you find that your style has been molded by the people you’ve known/worked for? Or did you always have a similar style and that’s why those relationships came to be?
  31. Michael - where did you learn to animate?
  32. Ask some question to Michael:
    Should every freelancer create their contract to protect their right?
    What an excellent way to make your contract? How do you do that?
    Thank you Michael
  33. '@Any of our lovely panelists: At the beginning did you have to say yes to jobs you didn't want to do, in order to get the experience and credentials to work on the more fun and freeform projects? Where do you draw the line between trying new things and pushing yourself to do something you don't enjoy? Sorry for the long question!
  34. Any advice for people trying to start a career in the midst of a pandemic? I understand people aren't really hiring right now but is it still a good idea to send EOIs to agencies/companies?
  35. for shay- how did you find working with architects? was it a more integrated approach?
  36. For a very new designer who likes a bit of everything, how do you develop your own style/find your voice and know what direction to go in?
  37. How to figure out how much to charge the client when freelancing?
  38. My aim is to be doing work for retail/restaurants etc. (but finding it hard to get experience)
    could you please put the link up again for solidarity in design?
  39. Within this global pandemic, do you see demand for our industry decreasing and do you have any ideas on how we can adapt to this?
  40. For Shy: What were your next steps from working at an agency to starting After Hours? And would there be anything you would do differently looking back?
  41. How long did you stay at your first job before you moved on (if you did)? Just interested in your personal experience – aware that it would be different from person to person (:
  42. Is there an expectation that after you graduate you need to enter an unpaid intership position before you gain full time work? It seemed like this was a common experience amonst the panalists.
  43. Did any of you find it difficult to support yourself and balace paid work during this ‘in-between’ time? Thank you for your insights so far panelists x
  44. Is the advice the same for those who are entering the industry later in life the same? I'm in my early 40s and haven't done anything directly related to graphic design, but started my course last year, and absolutely love it.
  45. Interested to see what’s next for Luke - is there another 5 year goal?
  46. '@everyone: Thank you so far! What would you say are the top skills needed for a freelance graphic designer today?
  47. Would you recommend reaching out to someone in the industry and asking them to mentor you?
  48. I have been freelancing since I graduated & have picked up a few little jobs. I would love to spread my wings online but not sure where are the most genuine opportunities. And where would be the best communities to find other desginers to connect with.
  49. Covid-19 has changed society in many ways. How do you see the role of designers (particular graphic designers) evolve in the near future? How much of a necessity or luxury are we as an industry?
  50. Do you think that our industry should then be included as apprenticeships rather than internships. That may then get us away from the “arts” look.
  51. If I heard correctly, Luke mentioned freelancing websites (in his comments about connecting with designers from other disciplines for big projects). Could Luke please name drop any of these websites?
  52. Hi everyone, where do you find all of your wonderful type? And as a freelancer, how do you afford typefaces, or what have you done to get around that :)
  53. What is a good way to approach and get involved with studios during the COVID-19 isolation period?
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00:12:39 — Samantha Tully: 8)

00:12:40 — Norielyn Dalangin: Hello everyone

00:12:54 — Lucie DEGUT: Hello :)

00:12:55 — Tim Bengough: G’day

00:12:59 — Brigitte Greene: Hello!

00:13:01 — Jeylan Mustafa: Hello

00:13:02 — Rasha alsaleh: hello

00:13:02 — Samantha Tully: Hello!

00:13:04 — Veronika Petrovska: Hiya

00:13:04 — Tanjim Islam: Hello

00:13:06 — luciadominguez: Hey!

00:13:10 — Ben Tan: Hi hi

00:13:13 — Emily Nunell: Hello!

00:13:14 — Tia Queen: 👋

00:13:14 — Cameron Jordan: G’day!

00:13:15 — Tori Tonzing: Hey :)

00:13:16 — Kirrilee Phillips: Hello :)

00:13:16 — Stephanie Burnett: Hello

00:13:18 — Vivien Lay: Hi :)

00:13:23 — Beth Richards: Hi!

00:13:35 — Vindhya Vijaya Kumar: Hey

00:13:35 — Jessica Chairil: Hi!

00:13:37 — Zoe Moskovic: Hey!

00:13:37 — Emily Huang: hi

00:13:55 — Angus Riley: gday

00:14:01 — Piyathida (Nicole) Kalamphak: hiya

00:14:07 — Michael Overbeek: Hello

00:14:07 — Clarence Wee: Zoom meetings all day, how’s everyone going?

00:14:13 — Brittany Jones: Hiya!

00:14:26 — Maegan Brown: Hello!

00:14:32 — Anna Yau: Hello

00:14:37 — Fran Olds: gday

00:14:41 — Kate Shelton: hi :)

00:14:43 — Myla Yeomans: Hi all :)

00:14:45 — Stefan Imbesi: Yooooo

00:14:47 — Cara Brentnall: Hello!

00:14:58 — Victoria Gandulfo: Hi!

00:14:59 — Rikki Johnson: Interesting times we have.

00:15:17 — Ben Tan: Day Fran

00:15:34 — Fran Olds: ben! sup

00:15:52 — Ben Tan: Watching the game, having a bud

00:15:53 — Jiaqi Chen: Still waiting?

00:16:03 — Tim Bengough: Nah this is it

00:16:13 — Shel Walker: @Ben Tan hahaha

00:16:58 — Pollyanna Guthrie: Hey guys! We are just waiting for more participants to come online before we start :) Just FYI

00:17:16 — Samantha Tully: Loving this cute animation

00:17:17 — Pollyanna Guthrie: Hello! Anyone from overseas?

00:17:24 — Sarah Gould: I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Where is everyone else from? :-)

00:17:28 — Samantha Tully: Hello Bec!!

00:17:40 — Rikki Johnson: I’m from Kansas, USA but living in Melbourne!

00:17:41 — Tia Queen: Brisbane, Australia :)

00:17:46 — Pollyanna Guthrie: Awesome!

00:17:54 — Beth Richards: Hello from Perth! :D

00:18:04 — Norielyn Dalangin: from Gold Coast:)

00:18:06 — Michael Overbeek: Perth as well :)

00:18:11 — Stella H: Sydney!

00:18:14 — Euan Thomas: Melbourne !!!

00:18:16 — Sophie Lai: Sophie, from Australia, Perth

00:18:18 — Helen Yu: Sydney :)

00:18:18 — nicola kelsey: Brissy :)

00:18:20 — Pollyanna Guthrie: Cool! Great to see people from everywhere! :)

00:18:20 — Emily Nunell: Syd! :)

00:18:21 — Lucie DEGUT: From France but living in Melbourne ;)

00:18:26 — Jeffrey Oley: Sydney>The_Offices

00:18:28 — Stephanie Burnett: Brisbane

00:18:29 — Clarence Wee: Melbourne here

00:18:45 — Pollyanna Guthrie: Go B-RAT

00:18:47 — Jasmin Neophytou: Adelaide here

00:18:58 — Caroline Abbey: Esperance, West Australia

00:19:06 — Jeffrey Oley: Bec you look great!

00:19:12 — san truong: Hello, from Melbourne too!

00:19:17 — Heather Noakes: Sydney

00:19:22 — Rozanne Vaz: Hey from Melbourne!

00:19:22 — Georgia Dower: Sydney! :)

00:19:26 — Tim Bengough: Esperance sounds Spanish somehow

00:19:36 — Lachlan Stewart: Hello! Adelaide

00:19:42 — Tim Bengough: Or like a perfume

00:19:58 — Sarah Gould: Spanish perfume maybe?

00:20:17 — Jeffrey Oley: Hi Bec

00:20:21 — Caroline Abbey: Esperance is a tiny town in a very isolated part of the world. I nearest city is 500kms away

00:25:10 — Tia Queen: Beautiful acknowledgment :)

00:25:30 — Jaimee Lee: POLLY <3

00:26:03 — Sarah Blackstone: Beautiful Acknowledgement, Bec. Joining from Woi wurrong,, Wurundjeri Country :)

00:30:10 — Pollyanna Guthrie: Please feel free to add questions as you go to the Q&A and we’ll answer these at the end

00:32:48 — Bec Nally: Beautiful Shy

00:32:52 — Bec Nally: And yum

00:33:06 — Pollyanna Guthrie: Mmm making me hungry haha

00:33:56 — Samantha Tully: All your stuff is SO COOL

00:35:41 — Bec Nally: HEY FOLKS remember to post your Qs in the Q&A :)

00:37:24 — Pollyanna Guthrie: IF people want to look up Shyanne’s insta!

00:38:21 — san truong: Excellent stuff Shy

00:38:26 — Beth Richards: Thanks Shy!

00:38:29 — Rozanne Vaz: Amazing Shy!

00:38:45 — Nasia Syrakis: Shy you’re a legend, thank you!

00:38:46 — Tia Queen: 👏👏👏👏

00:38:54 — Nic Eldridge: Thanks for that Shy. Great work and nice story.

00:39:09 — nicola kelsey: Thanks Shy :)

00:44:09 — Pollyanna Guthrie: Just a reminder please put this in the Q&A section :)

00:47:26 — Michael Nguyen: Thanks Luke!

00:47:39 — Beth Richards: Thank you Luke :)

00:47:53 — san truong: Beautiful stuff Luke, very inspiring

00:48:19 — Anita Lyons: Great story Luke.

00:48:20 — Vanessa Cancino: You’re so right, passion projects are so important! Thanks Luke !!

00:48:44 — Samantha Tully: I remember seeing your work Luke when I was applying for RMIT!

00:49:00 — Bora Lim: Thanks Luke! great to hear your story!

00:54:12 — Pollyanna Guthrie:

01:00:37 — Beth Richards: Thank you Cass, very relatable

01:01:14 — Anita Lyons: Great work Cassie!  And thanks for getting involved at such short notice.

01:01:21 — Bec Nally: Scroll hole haha - I haven’t heard that before Polly

01:01:39 — san truong: :) thanks Cassie - nice to hear how your career developed over vulnerable times and that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies to a successful career

01:03:14 — Jinan Hannaway: Thank you Cassie was very relatable insight that really helps you see that knowledge is power but it can only be curated overtime.

01:05:41 — Michael Nguyen: “Just me” is a cute name for a studio Michael haha

01:09:07 — Samantha Tully: Agreed "Just me" would be such a fun naem

01:09:09 — Samantha Tully: name*

01:09:11 — Pollyanna Guthrie:

01:10:52 — Beth Richards: All of these animations are so cute and fun

01:11:06 — Beth Richards: can’t imagine how hard it would be to do

01:15:36 — Lachlan Stewart: Love this part of talk Michael - super important and often overlooked

01:16:14 — Beth Richards: This community is a fantastic idea - I was never taught any of this and have had to learn all myself

01:16:20 — Sam Ward: Fantastic idea!

01:16:25 — Ashlea Caygill: Amazing, thanks so much Michael! That is such a great idea

01:16:31 — Bec Nally: So great! For employees and employers

01:16:31 — Lachlan Stewart: Workers rights are long forgotten in creative industries

01:16:45 — Jasmin Neophytou: actually doing the lords work

01:16:50 — san truong: Thanks Michael for very helpful info

01:17:03 — Lachlan Stewart:

01:17:07 — Jinan Hannaway: thank you Michael

01:17:09 — Beth Richards: Thanks Michael

01:17:17 — Lane Le Prevost-Smith: Thank you!

01:17:18 — Michael Overbeek: Thanks for those resources

01:17:26 — Maegan Brown: Thanks so much, Michael!!

01:17:32 — James Karanikos: Thanks to all the panelists! Legends

01:17:33 — Lachlan Stewart: board I’ve been putting together mood boarding and resources on workers rights in creative/arts indutries

01:17:56 — Toni Roberts: I am loving these presentations. Your passion to learn, develop as designers and to support each other in shaping your careers (eg getting paid properly) is so inspiring!

01:17:56 — Jasmin Neophytou: *chefs kiss* to the arena

01:21:31 — bronwyn Clarke: Choy brown Intellectual Property law would be great to invite to the group. They now give great lectures and discussion group to students.

01:23:19 — Lucinda Penn: ‘Corvid’ is another group on slack where people introduce themselves and their work and ask questions about anything design/illustration related - they made it free now while we are in these uncertain times

01:23:33 — Lucinda Penn: unfortunate name atm but it does have the ‘r’ in there haha

01:27:30 — Toni Roberts: Lovely animation by Jason - keeping my eyes happy while I listen.

01:31:08 — Samantha Tully: Thanks for the info Shyanne!

01:39:00 — Anita Lyons: Keep an eye out for the AGDA Mentorship launch coming soon!

01:51:08 — Samantha Tully: Thanks, great answer!

01:55:19 — Pollyanna Guthrie: These are some fun free coding videos!

02:07:07 — Zoe Moskovic: Does anyone know what the amazing typeface is that’s used in the event graphics?

02:07:28 — Pollyanna Guthrie: It’s called trash :)

02:07:28 — Bec Nally: It’s called Trash!

02:07:56 — Zoe Moskovic: Thanks, it’s amazing!!

02:07:57 — Pollyanna Guthrie:

02:08:01 — Katrin HUMMEL: is great for Animation for all those Animation interested people out there. I am a Motion Graphics artist in Brisbane and have learned most of my skills through them.

02:09:19 — Bora Lim: Such a talented bunch of panellists, thank you to each and every one of you for sharing your experiences and such valuable advice.  Feeling super inspired and look forward to applying what I’ve learned and sharing the advice I’ve learned. Thank you!

02:10:00 — Demi Gerardi: Thank you! This was great!

02:10:12 — Hayley Emmett: Thanks

02:10:13 — Stella H: Thank you Shy, Cassie, Mike, and Luke today for sharing your experience and advice, and to the organisers and coordinators of this amazing event series!

02:10:13 — Samantha Tully: Yay! Great lecture thanks

02:10:17 — Anna Yau: Thank you it was great

02:10:17 — Jackie Liu: Thanks everyone!! <3

02:10:20 — Jaimee Lee: Thanks!

02:10:21 — Beth Richards: Thank you everyone and all of the panelists for sharing a bit of your journeys. It’s really great to hear from you all and learn from your experiences

02:10:21 — Zoe Moskovic: Thanks everyone!

02:10:22 — Emily Ung: Thank you all!!

02:10:22 — Anna Rees-Jones: Thanks so much guys !!

02:10:23 — Katya Smirnova: Thanks to all of you :)

02:10:24 — Queenie Chan: Thank you so much! (*clapping*)

02:10:25 — Sharmaine Adaza: Thank you guys!

02:10:27 — Lucie DEGUT: stay healthy :)

02:10:35 — Belinda Belinda: Thank you so much!

02:10:35 — Toni Roberts: Great work Bec, Polly and all presenters. Thank you!!

02:10:37 — Kelly Zheng: Thank you!

02:10:41 — Michael Overbeek: Thanks!

02:11:12 — Anita Lyons: 👏👏👏👏

02:11:29 — Bec Nally: Haha the Mac shop is closed, the insect is here to stay for a wee while

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WoD Lecture 3 — Side Hustle
Streamed: April 20, 2020




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Acknowledgement of Country

I acknowledge the Woi Wurrung and Boon Wurrung language groups of eastern Kulin who are the Traditional Owners of the land on which RMIT University’s campus rests, as we all do our bit to flatten the curve and take care of each other. 

The privilege to do this Acknowledgement of Country is not lost on me. There’s a certain consciousness in my choice to acknowledge Country, to acknowledge the sleeping campuses on the unceded lands of eastern Kulin, quietly humming their songs of knowledge, innovation and community as we listen from where we are and find new ways to connect and construct realities together in isolation.

The progress of feminism has afforded me more than my immigrant Irish Grandmother and Tasmanian Nan. I am learning and thinking about how to acknowledge Country at RMIT University! This was not a privilege offered to them. But their stories, public and private, live inside me and have shaped the way I do and think about things.

And so when I consider my future, I think about how my stories come about and are a part of this place. The wins in feminism in Australia have mostly been granted through a white lens. And so I recognise my own feminist blindness comes with a desire to listen and reflect — we know what we know and the invisible takes time to distinguish and guts to remember.

I want to acknowledge all Indigenous women, non-binary peoples and peoples across Australia and pay my deepest respects to their ancestors past and present.

I’m at home in this spot known as Nillumbik in Eltham where the Woi Wurrung peoples are the traditional custodians of this unceded land. We are connecting today virtually across many parts of Wurundjeri — across to Coburg, over to Northcote and out to Ferntree Gully. And we are also connecting up to the Bundjalung Nation in Byron Bay, which is the land of Arakwal peoples.

Now more than ever, we can think of Country and its peoples and think of the home we share. Think of the long history of these places and pay our deepest respects to the traditional custodians of the lands on which we live.

And our acknowledgement isn’t just at the start of this session. Our acknowledgement is a part of the ways we do our work, the ways we connect with each other, the way we share home everyday.

We acknowledge we are here. And the work we are about to share is a part of this place.

Intro to Side Hustle

What is a side hustle anyway? For me, isolation has brought all of these roles and responsibilities we categorise our lives into, into some intense moments in one house.

At the moment I’m always a Mum, partner, homemaker, sessional lecturer and creative director within the space of minutes and this week we are adding school teacher, kinder teacher to our side hustles. And I’m not special. There are many people faced with overlapping roles and responsibilities, blurring the personal and professional and building their own new things.  

Without wanting to use this small sound bite to rage in the deep injustice of ancestral feminism or sprinkle some pink feel good glitter feminism about the place, I will say that the four amazing women in today’s WoD each have their own stories to tell. Yes they are women, and yes the social constructs they have faced has shaped their experiences. But they are also incredibly thoughtful, skilled and inspiring people finding ways to express, question and design in their own ways.

Today’s WoD is presented by the RMIT Communication Design program and proudly supported by AGDA and Public Journal. AGDA is Australia’s largest representative association of professional communication designers. AGDA is for designers who want to take control of their careers and businesses. Public Journal is a small communication design practice based in Melbourne on the unceded lands of eastern Kulin.

I would like to personally thank Anita from AGDA and Jason from my team at Public Journal for all of their behind the scenes skills and expertise to bring this second virtual WoD together.

Our four speakers for WoD Lecture three Side Hustle are: Naomi Savio, Grace Tai, Zenobia Ahmed and Jessica Leitmanis.

Our first speaker is an RMIT Communication Design Alumni, graduating in 2005.

Naomi Savio is a design professional who works within the retail and consumer products sector, currently working at Mecca Brands. In 2014 she began her side project: Mr Fancy Plants with her partner Dana Cooke.

Mr Fancy Plants grew from a love of collecting rare and quirky plants, transforming spaces, and sharing plant knowledge. The business cultivates and curates a select range of plants that complement and enhance modern lifestyles of all shapes and sizes. In addition to plants, Mr Fancy Plants also designs and produces a range of 3D printed pots.

Our second speaker for today is Grace Tai.

Grace is a product designer and social entrepreneur who loves designing for social impact and is currently working at Xero. Grace is also the founder of The Green Samaritans, a startup on a mission to support women experiencing homelessness through an app that teaches people how to garden and look after their houseplants. 

Our third speaker for today is an RMIT Communication Design Masters graduate.

Zenobia Ahmed is a Naarm/Melbourne-based graphic designer. Her practice is concerned with experimentation across a spectrum of critical activities, including information design and publishing; research-driven study of design for social change; and cross-disciplinary collaborations. She has designed several publications which includes journals, research reports, artists books and exhibition catalogues. 

Zenobia often works with Dennis Grauel, a type and graphic designer, who shares similar interest in self-publishing. Together they are working on setting up a small press. 

Our final speaker for today is an RMIT Alumni of Communication Design, graduating in 2004.

Jessica Leitmanis is a design professional with over 15 years of industry experience in fields spanning surf culture and craft beer. Her path and priorities have been unconventional; heavily influenced by her interests and personal values. Embracing curiosity has led to insightful sojourns from traditional desk life, ultimately inspiring the pursuit of new creative trajectories. You won’t find her design folio online, though design work still forms the bulk of her bread and butter.

These days Jess prefers to invite dialogue through her art practice, which is focused on environmental, self and social reflection. Though galaxies apart in terms of output, the underlying values that permeate her decision making have drawn the world of side projects and day job increasingly closer together. There is no doubt that her multiple practices have informed, benefitted, and enabled each other. Juggling is an art that Jess does not claim to have mastered... But she can surely present a strong case on 'side projects' as a worthy pursuit and offer some hard earned insights.


[Q&A Questions]

[Live Chat]

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  1. What time will this start?
  2. Hello Naomi: It is hard to start from 0-1, like resources, channels, people… how you conquer these hard problems? How you build up your mindset that you have to make MR Fancy Plants come true?
  3. Q for the Panelists - any tips on how to find like-minded people to work on projects with? :) How do you usually connect with them?

  4. to All - How many times did you iterate on your start ups before starting them up? ie how many times did you “fail” before you found the one you wanted to stick with?

  5. For a highly introverted person, it can be very daunting and draining to engage in the amount of communication and networking needed to grow a side hustle. Can anyone suggest some tips, self care techniques and coping methods for introverts?

  6. This is to any of the speakers, what systems / platforms (e.g asana, trello) do you use to structure your time and manage your projects? Thanks :)

  7. For Naomi , I would love to know the effect/s of your side projects on your professional job?

  8. Q. Zenobia, What made you stop reflect and map out your interests? Was there a turning point for you?

  9. Great presentations everyone - Thank you! My question is when does a tangent become a Side Hustle? e.g. As a creative you can have many different ideas - how did you choose the one to pursue?

  10. Time is something that can be elusive with side hustles. Does this time of isolation give us a window of opportunity to consider our objectives, or is it too stressful wearing the many hats that Bec mentioned in her introduction?

  11. question for Jessica - how to you say ‘no’ without upsetting your team and your clients who are use to you being the ‘yes’ person? Also, how did you learn to not feel guilty about saying no, even when people are giving you a lot of pressure for you to do the work?

  12. Question for Grace (or anyone really!) How do you address the conflicts and how do you find the balance in 9-5 work with the the values embedded in your side hustle?

  13. Q. Jessica, going back to “there’s only so many florals you can create”… Would you say there probably is a timeframe for most designers to be able to give their best on a specific design theme? Or client? Do you think we should realistically set a period of time before moving on? So we can keep ourselves fresh and full of inspiration…

  14. For Grace: Do you have a supportive family background / or did you ever get coaching/mentoring for your underlying thought process? I’m asking because you have deeply assessed your work and this is often overlooked in the process of a side hustle. Love to hear your thoughts.

  15. For Jess L: How do you define "cracking into" the fine art world? I.E. Is it selling you work? A certain level of exhibition?

  16. Which books do you recommend Jess? Or rather, everyone?

  17. Can we have plant matching too!?

  18. Do any of you have any chronic health issues that make it very difficult for you to manage your energy and make it difficult to do your work? - personal question

  19. I’m curious about the gender dimension, given that seems to underlie how the panelists were also chosen. What does it mean to be women when juggling work, side-hustles and passion projects?  Does society and conditions help or set up gender-based challenges?

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00:14:58 — Ashur He: Hello

00:15:16 — Stella Ho: Hello!

00:15:27 — Sarah Gould: Hi!

00:15:32 — leannebarnett: hi

00:15:34 — Meagan Malone: Hello everyone!

00:15:36 — Luisa Rheinlander: Hello all

00:15:37 — Jane du Plessis: hi

00:16:01 — Gracia Wiguno: Hi!

00:16:04 — Jessica Parkhouse: Hello!

00:16:08 — Georgia Twin: Hi

00:16:09 — Ciara Callan: hi :)

00:16:14 — camille corlette: Hello:)

00:16:27 — Jaime Copping: Hello there!

00:16:28 — Sian Carlyon: Hi there! :)

00:16:31 — Alice Agnew: Hey!

00:16:36 — Helen Yu: Hi all!

00:16:38 — Anita Lyons: Hi Everyone!

00:17:18 — Jeremy Auciello: hi!

00:22:21 — Toni: Hi everyone - I hope you are all doing OK!

00:27:04 — Pollyanna Guthrie: 💪🙌 Jason’s artwork

00:27:35 — Jason Rohmursanto: Hey there Emily! Yes this webinar is being recorded and will be available at a later time. Keep an eye out!

00:32:55 — Jason Rohmursanto: Hi Zoe, the recording will be available publicly!

00:33:42 — Jessica Parkhouse: I had also planned to watch the First Five Out stream but my power was out at the time. Is that one available as a recording as well, or will it be in the future?

00:34:12 — Bec Nally: Yes, go to

00:34:21 — Toni: Yes the recordings will be available on the Comm Design Bachelor Program Canvas shell.

00:34:33 — Sally Mazak: Plants. what a great counter balance to all day in the studio :))

00:34:45 — Xue Situ: Amazing!! I worked with children’s toys as well :D

00:35:30 — Michael Geedrick: Hi everyone!

00:35:39 — Anita Lyons: Hi AGDA Members - First Five Out recording is on AGDA TV

00:35:52 — Bec Nally: ITS EVERYWHERE haha

00:36:45 — Sally Mazak: the little mo/leaves in logo is super cute

00:37:03 — ABIGAIL TREWARTHA: Such a clever business name!

00:40:54 — Renee Russell: Hi everyone, from AGDA VIC! Great to see everyone online! …Get your side hustle on!

00:41:08 — Sally Mazak: hi Renee!

00:41:27 — Renee Russell: Hi Sally! Yes cute mo design!

00:41:32 — Anita Lyons: Hey Renee!

00:42:04 — Aaron Doty: Love a Venn Diagram!

00:42:49 — Renee Russell: Hi Anita! : )

00:42:51 — Bec Nally: I need a plant match

00:43:42 — Aaron Doty: I’m going to have to get out into the garden after this webinar!

00:44:00 — Aaron Doty: Great!

00:44:03 — Sally Mazak: Aaron! ur here too :)

00:44:11 — Aaron Doty: Hey Sal!

00:44:25 — Charmaine Chin: Loving the diagrams! :)

00:44:29 — Bec Nally: Remember to pop your questions in the Q&A for our panel at the end

00:49:20 — Mel Robertson: Great advice!

00:58:29 — Sally Mazak: I love how a grace thinks!

00:58:57 — Renee Russell: Amazing work! well done

01:00:27 — Ashur He: Wow senior classmate

01:02:29 — Bec Nally: Any questions so far? Please pop in the Q&A :)

01:05:24 — ABIGAIL TREWARTHA: typesetting to die for haha

01:05:34 — Aaron Doty: Love the aesthetic - like a zine from the 90s!

01:09:19 — Pollyanna Guthrie: loved that experimental jet set exhibition at Rmit!

01:10:35 — Bec Nally: Sticky

01:10:51 — Bec Nally: Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair

01:10:58 — Bec Nally: Other Worlds Zine Fair

01:11:08 — Bec Nally: Halfway Print Fest, Wagga Wagga

01:11:15 — Bec Nally: Melbourne Art Book Fair

01:12:27 — Sally Mazak: each time I thought of a question it was answered :)

01:19:46 — Eva Kiss: Love the messages coming from these ladies that you should follow your passions outside of design and apply design to that!

01:25:09 — Renee Russell: …”there’s only so many florals you can create”. This could be said for many other things. When a designer needs new exploration : )

01:39:25 — Eva Kiss: Did you plan for that financially?

01:44:59 — Georgia Twin: I dropped out and had to rejoin there. Everyone still there?

01:46:08 — Eva Kiss: Which books do you recommend Jess?

01:46:19 — Eva Kiss: or everyone?

01:46:53 — Louis Eastaugh: Go Jess!

01:48:08 — Aaron Doty: organic green screen…

01:51:38 — Lina Mowafi: Jessica , I believe what you did was really brave . Many high achievers just accept the fact that they’re doing their jobs and keep setting and achieving job goals until they lose touch with their own passions and dreams . I’m really impressed

01:51:42 — Renee Russell: are we still on Jessica’s screen?

01:54:28 — Georgia Twin: thank you very much

02:01:10 — Sally Mazak: “8 hour promise - a 2 day situation” 😂😂😬😬😬yes

02:03:34 — Aaron Doty: lol - too true Sal :)

02:06:51 — Georgia Janetzki: Thank you all! Very inspiring : )

02:06:58 — Xue Situ: Thank you everyone!

02:07:12 — Aaron Doty: Thanks to all the speakers and everyone involved - a great thing to do!

02:07:18 — Sally Mazak: thanks 😊

02:07:33 — Simon Breese: Excellent Talk - Thank you everyone :)

02:07:34 — shuang Xu: Thank you :))

02:07:40 — Renee Russell: Thank you all, great inspiration!

02:08:25 — Jack O'Sullivan: Thank you!

02:08:27 — Ashur He: Thank you, have a nice day!

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WoD Lecture 4 — Work Mates
Streamed: May 4, 2020




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Acknowledgement of Country

As our campus continues to rest and have a good snooze on Country, we are finding new ways to learn, connect and share knowledge together from home. And so I acknowledge the many Countries we are connecting from.

I am at home now on the unceded land of the Woi Wurrung language group, who are the Traditional Owners of this spot known as Nillumbik in Eltham. And we are connecting today across many parts of Kulin — from Rezza to Carlton North, Northcote, Richmond and out to Selby — we are connecting across many parts of the unceded lands of Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung and also acknowledge our audience are dispersed across the many Indigenous lands and waterways of Australia.

Perhaps not in the waterways. Although there could be someone out there on a boat or in the bath. I won’t discriminate.

Now more than ever, we can think of Country and its peoples and think of the home we share. Think of the long history of these places and pay our deepest respects to the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live.

And now can also be the time where we realise what it means to respond to the welcome by Wurundjeri — ‘Womin Djeka’ which roughly translates to ‘come or ask to come, what is it we can share’?

This is an opportunity for us to think deeply about how we respond to this welcome by our Indigenous hosts. Not so we can just tick a box among many other boxes in our busy lives. Not so we can feel good about doing the right thing and not offending anyone. But because we are here. We are on these unceded lands.

As we all ride this new wave of change in life and work, responding to Country can be our anchor. How do we want to conduct our selves and our business here on Country? How do we want to work together?

Our acknowledgement isn’t just at the start of this session. Our acknowledgement is a part of the ways we do our work, the ways we connect with each other, the way we share home everyday. We acknowledge we are here. And the work we are about to share is a part of this place.


Intro to Work Mates

Relationships in creative practice are multi-faceted and often require attention to the systems and processes of engagement to ensure longevity. As a self-proclaimed design nerd, learning how to define boundaries in my work is an ongoing process. It can be hard to flip that open sign to closed on your creatives services shopfront, especially when you really like what you do and it doesn’t feel much like work.

Today business owners, independent creatives and suppliers speak from their letterpress workshops, photography studios, light boxes and code rooms about nerding out with designers and the value of process and good relationships.

We are particularly interested in the business side of collaborations and how smart systems and processes can support these working relationships.

Today’s WoD is presented by the RMIT Communication Design program and proudly supported by AGDA and Public Journal. AGDA is Australia’s largest representative association of professional communication designers. AGDA is for designers who want to take control of their careers and businesses. Public Journal is a small communication design practice based in Melbourne on the unceded lands of eastern Kulin.

This is our final WoD for the semester and what a line up to finish up this iso-WoD series. Again I would like to thank two special work mates who have helped bring this WoD series to life — Anita from AGDA and Jason from my team at Public Journal. Anita has rallied the full support of AGDA to make this series a success within the broader industry and Jason’s animations have been a beautiful set of visual stories to centre our first virtual WoD series around. 

Our four speakers for WoD lecture 4 — Work Mates are: Jeremy Wortsman, Jenna Hipgrave, Andy Matsinos and Hilary Walker.


Our first guest for today is Jeremy Wortsman

Jeremy Wortsman is the Founder and Director of The Jacky Winter Group, Australia’s leading creative services agency, its associated gallery space, Lamington Drive, and artist residency, Jacky Winter Gardens. He is also the host of the Melbourne chapter of Creative Mornings, a founding member of The Contemplary, and serves on the board of directors for Craft Victoria. In a previous life, he was the co-founder of the design practice, Chase & Galley, as well as one of the founding publishers and designers of Is Not Magazine.


Jeremy Wortsman 1-on-1 Q&A 

  • You have a background in editorial design. What made you decide to start a creative agency?
  • Tell us about the beginnings of Jacky Winter. What was it like early on, and what trials and wins have you faced along the way?
  • How has Jacky Winter extended its service offering over time?
  • What was it like expanding Jacky Winter to New York?
  • How did you develop your business knowledge to run a creative agency?
  • How do you manage a range of creative disciplines across projects spanning print, environmental and digital mediums?
  • Australia is in a state of iso right now. How has Jacky Winter’s business and work changed in response to this?
  • You have several side projects such as Lamington Drive, Creative Mornings and the “Jacky Winter Gives You The Business” podcast. How do you balance these alongside the day-to-day of running Jacky Winter?
  • How does Jacky Winter find new creatives / talent?
  • Congratulations on joining the board of Craft Victoria. What can you tell us about your role there?
  • What are your thoughts on internships and work experience as a bridge from study to industry?
  • What advice would you give a design student graduating / approaching their final year?


Our second speaker for today is Jenna Hipgrave.

Jenna Hipgrave is a designer who understands production and a printmaker who understands the creative process. Co-founder and director at the Hungry Workshop, a design and letterpress printing studio based in Melbourne, she creates tangible objects, collaborating with creators, designers, makers and tinkerers. Jenna, and the exceptional team at the Hungry Workshop, foster a creative dialogue to reach a finished product that is true to the vision, maximises value and minimises waste.

With an acute attention to detail, Jenna's knowledge of paper borders on encyclopaedic and her love of colour ensures the work always involves an ingenious consideration of production. The Hungry Workshop celebrates the creative community — a community who strives to push boundaries, ask questions and take risks.


Our third speaker for today is Andy Matsinos.

Andy Matsinos is Co-Founder and Front-end Lead of Bone Digital, a Melbourne-based web development studio. He has spent the last decade working to establish and refine Bone’s position and offering within the Australian design community. Working with a small, highly skilled team, Andy has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects for small to large organisations, spanning many industry sectors. Working with everything from boutique hotels to national fast food franchises, he understands the importance of staying creative, honest, and striving to push the boundaries.

Bone Digital is constantly iterating on it's business, service and approach. Always looking for ways to better serve and support the extremely talented creatives in the Australian design industry by helping bring their ideas to life. 


Our final speaker for today is Hilary Walker.

Hilary Walker is a freelance photographer who's been working in the industry for over 15 years. She began her career shooting book covers for publishers in London and is now working from a co-working space in Brunswick East Nicholson Street Studios, which she runs with her husband Ben. Hilary loves shooting for clients that are doing good in the world. She documents products, people and places with a natural and informal aesthetic shooting both commercially and editorially.


[Q&A Questions]

[Live Chat] 

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  1. It’s good to see the introduction, but it would be good straight to the main topics.. just a thought.

  2. For Jeremy: How has the creation of the Corvid Community enhanced your business? What were it’s aims and how has Corvid been affected by Covid?
    I’m a new member to Corvid and personally it’s been excellent inspiration and a source of connection. Cheers!

  3. How do you manage a solo business, in terms of communication & structuring yourself? Do you have tips for someone struggling with the pressure? 😊

  4. I have a statement - ‘you’re awesome, Jenna!’

  5. For Jenna: Prepress knowledge is crucial for designers and illustrators looking to get the best restults. What resources would you recommend to help everyone in the process?

  6. In the Q and A I’d love to learn more about Jeremy’s work/life balance. It sounds like he’s juggling a lot. How does he do it!?

  7. How is sustainability applied through out your jobs - can it applied to all jobs or are there jobs that can be quite challenging?

  8. How can you know all of these techniques and where can we do a research on these use of paper and printing method?

  9. Andy! Thought’s on NoCode tools for us code-noob designers? Where do you see the role of platforms like Webflow in the creative process?

  10. '@Jeremy Wortsman: Would you say it’s important/necessary for a graphic designer to also be an illustrator? And what advice would you give to someone who is overwhelmed by feeling the pressures to be good at all creative aspects (e.g. animation, design, illustration, etc)

  11. What’s the best advice you’d give for a person working with a photographer? Is it a written brief... a long conversation... examples of pics?

  12. For Hilary, How about do you go on getting new clients? Did you have trouble when you were just starting as a photographer in getting jobs?

  13. Hi from Singapore! The lockdown measures in Australia must have slowed your lives down. Has this slower pace given you inspiration to try something different from what you usually do?
    Jacquelyn from RMIT (Singapore campus)

  14. Hilary, your photography is beautiful. How did you start doing birth photography? It’s not something I ever thought of as a “thing”!

  15. How often do or did you do jobs because you wanted the job and worked for less as opposed to walking away because you know you’re getting underpaid?

  16. '@Andy - How to you manage the content/design/design/content process during a web project?

  17. Hilary - do you have any systems in place or advice on how you manage your time between taking inquiries/quoting, planning shoots, on location and post production? All the things!

  18. How are you holding up in isolation times?

  19. I think this one of the best lecture series’ I’ve listened to; digital or in real life, thanks for organising!!

  20. I’m interested to ask Hilary how she came to find and build relationships with clients that share similar values or working processes to herself? Has it been organic or did she have a structured approach?

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00:23:17 — Daniel Boctor: hola

00:23:51 — Jenna Hipgrave: Hi everyone!

00:23:57 — Ashley Ronning: Hello!

00:24:07 — Nat Jeanneret: Hi everyone!

00:24:35 — Andy Matsinos: Gday!

00:24:47 — Erica Boucher: hello :)

00:25:49 — Georgia Janetzki: Hello!!

00:25:51 — Aaron Doty: Hi everyone!

00:26:07 — Simon Hipgrave: 👋

00:26:19 — Kate Pullen: 👋🏼👋🏼

00:26:26 — Catherine Peacock: Hello hello!

00:26:37 — Anita Lyons: Hi - hope everyone’s doing ok?

00:26:51 — Katherine Kotaras: Hello!

00:26:53 — Jane du Plessis: Hi!

00:27:12 — Xinyue Wan: hiii

00:27:15 — Tara Nikolin: hi!

00:29:11 — Shayna Quinn-Bowyer: bec you star 🌟!!

00:29:19 — Renee Russell: Hi guys! Great to see all here again. Thanks Bec and crew for presenting

00:31:00 — Anita Lyons: Huge shoutout to Bec and Jason at Public Journal :)

00:38:08 — Jenna Hipgrave: I would love to see everyone’s faces!

00:39:15 — Hilary Walker: Yes - very strange to be talking only to your own face!

00:48:53 — Helen Shrewsbury: Please can we get a link to the puzzle shop!?

00:49:14 — Jenna Hipgrave:

00:49:27 — Helen Shrewsbury: Amazing! Thanks

00:54:46 — Greg Campbell: Hello, Yes, NY and others are sure under stress right now. Our thoughts go to them.

01:05:17 — Erica Boucher: HI JENNA

01:05:26 — Amber Goedegebuure: Hiii

01:06:00 — Jenna Hipgrave: Hi everyone!

01:06:20 — Stella Ho: Hi, hi!

01:06:33 — Ben Tan: Hi

01:07:42 — Simon Hipgrave: -> :)

01:09:35 — Amber Goedegebuure: kklnnnn.//

01:09:46 — Amber Goedegebuure: (Ok that’s my cat saying hi)

01:09:58 — Erica Boucher: hi Mumbles

01:11:09 — Bec Nally: Remember to ask questions! Please pop them in the Q&A :)

01:13:23 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:14:09 — Aaron Doty: Gorgeous!

01:14:42 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:14:48 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:15:39 — Erica Boucher: looks so good!

01:16:16 — Amber Goedegebuure: That’s so lovely!

01:17:30 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:17:39 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:18:12 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:18:17 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:18:27 — Amber Goedegebuure: Simon loving all the linking!

01:19:43 — Hilary Walker: So beautiful Jenna!

01:19:48 — Ben Tan: Anyone else having issues with audio?

01:20:21 — Kathleen Boschiero: Yep. A bit of interference?

01:20:27 — Tjanatja Cavenett: Yes - I think it might be external to Jenna

01:20:55 — Claudio Palma: Much better! Thank you

01:20:58 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:21:27 — Renee Russell: gorgeous, silver under black!

01:21:45 — Bec Nally: Woohoo sound is better!

01:22:22 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:22:43 — Kate Pullen: oh hey guys! 👋🏼🥰 So lovely to be able to work with you on this, and benefit from all your expertise!!

01:23:38 — Bec Nally: Heart palps - love this mottled green

01:23:56 — Renee Russell: Bob, beautiful mottled green, almost looks like felt on screen

01:24:25 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:24:33 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:26:03 — Simon Hipgrave: ❤️

01:26:21 — Jacquelyn Chen: Well said!

01:27:03 — Claudio Palma: Excellent presso Jenna!

01:27:21 — Stella Ho: Quick question: will the recording be available after today’s talk?

01:28:26 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:28:29 — Simon Hipgrave: ^ newsletter

01:28:48 — Ben Tan: Thank you!….

01:28:51 — Catherine Peacock: That was super interesting—thanks Jenna!

01:28:51 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:31:40 — Jenna Hipgrave: Thanks everyone - sorry about the audio!

01:32:02 — Adam Flannery: Hi Andy

01:32:12 — Simon Hipgrave: <-

01:35:26 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:35:36 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:42:23 — Richie Meldrum: Love that curser on the homepage!

01:42:44 — Richie Meldrum: Cursor even!

01:43:33 — Bec Nally: I wish there was a canned laughter feature

01:43:57 — Hilary Walker: I thought about doing that for myself!

01:44:26 — Bec Nally: Do it!

01:44:35 — Kathleen Boschiero: This is my first webinar with you. I am so sorry I have missed the previous ones. I will definitely attend any future one. Fabulous, knowledgable, professional presenters. Thank you so much!

01:45:02 — Bec Nally: CANNED LAUGHTER

01:45:07 — Hilary Walker: hole in one - love it

01:48:16 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:48:29 — Simon Hipgrave:

01:48:44 — Claudio Palma: Thank you Andy!!

01:48:46 — Catherine Peacock: So good to see your process through a case study!

01:53:16 — Andy Matsinos: Thank you for tuning in everyone!

01:54:14 — Mick Harvey: Will recordings be available anywhere?

01:55:45 — Jenna Hipgrave: I love your use of natural light!

01:57:40 — Bec Nally: That would have been an amazing interview

02:01:43 — Bec Nally: Don’t forget the Q&A!

02:02:02 — Ben Tan: AAhhhh….been checking these ISO photoshoots

02:03:05 — Georgia Janetzki: Love your iso shoots … and all of your work!

02:03:37 — Erica Boucher: your birth photography is breathtaking

02:04:13 — Richie Meldrum: @Andy - How to you manage the content/design/design/content process during a web project?

02:07:46 — Tjanatja Cavenett: Yes it is

02:11:43 — Yuki Yang: Hey Jenna, I am interested in how did you start learn and practise about letterpress? How long does it take?

02:13:43 — Kathleen Boschiero: Hilary, do you do much work in photoshop with your images?

02:18:17 — LESA HEPBURN: Caboolture Historical Village

02:19:10 — Greg Campbell: (for everyone) For all interested in cleaner print creativity. Take care as Metallic foils and most plastics are usually just long term pollution. Embossing and high Post-consumer content are some greener options. More good eco-direction is at 
Society for Responsible Design Inc. (SRD) 
Recent Plastics Q&A panel

02:20:38 — Jacquelyn Chen: Thanks Greg for sharing those resources

02:21:05 — Cidinha Moss: Thank you, Bec. Very interesting interviews with your guests. I loved Jenna's phrase: "Understand as much as you can (..)   - work with it, not against it. Cheers. Cidinha

02:21:07 — Georgia Janetzki: Thank you everyone!! So good : )

02:21:16 — Richie Meldrum: Thanks all. Was great !

02:21:18 — Erica Boucher: Thanks legends!!! Thanks for hosting Bec!

02:21:29 — Catherine Peacock: This was excellent—thank you!!

02:21:45 — Grace Mander: Thank you so much :)

02:21:45 — Jacquelyn Chen: Thank you Bec and speakers for sharing your knowledge. Hello from Singapore

02:21:46 — Simon Hipgrave: 👏👏👏👏👏

02:21:56 — Renee Russell: Thanks! Amazing

02:21:59 — Lillian Cassidy: Thanks everyone, was super inspiring in these times ☺️

02:22:00 — Heather Noakes: Thank you everyone - it’s been great

02:22:01 — Fiona Edge: thank you

02:22:02 — Stella Ho: Thank you to all the panelists and organisers, I’ve been to all the talks in this isolation series and have found them so valuable and inspiring!

02:22:04 — Ben Tan: Thank you all

02:22:06 — Claudio Palma: Thank you so much to everyone involved!!

02:22:07 — LESA HEPBURN: Thankyou to everyone...fabulous!

02:22:07 — Greg Campbell: Thanks for the great input everyone (clap, clap.)

02:22:10 — Erica Boucher: byeeee

02:22:12 — Donna Crotty: thank you - very inspiring!

02:22:12 — Lydia Borrillo: Thank you so much. It was great :)