Auckland Airport

Airport food. It isn’t something you would normally find on Broadsheet. If you blur the complexity and stand really far back, this was essentially our brief.

RFT Response for 28 Hospitality Retail Leases at Auckland Airport


Bec Nally, Lead Communication Consultant
Hung Lem, Art Direction + Design
Ryan Romanes, Supporting Design
Rachel Worcou, Junior Designer
Sonja Heijn, Editor
Petra Leary, Drone Photography
Cheshire Architects, Concept Architecture


Delaware North Companies

Winner of 2019 Airport Food and Beverage (FAB) Awards


Delaware North approached Public Journal with a challenge — how could the company transform their approach to food service in the Airport and Transport sector? 

Delaware North approached Public Journal with a challenge — how could the company transform their approach to food service in the Airport and Transport sector? 


And how could they successfully communicate this shift in business strategy and service delivery throughout the RFT document, for one of the largest Airport retail redevelopments in the Pacific Rim?

Our lead consultant took a deep breath and got out her gas tank. After 15 years of designing in hospitality development, the creative idealist was fully let out of her cave, ready to go deep diving with her realist self. This needed to really work. This needed to be convincing to exceptionally smart people, numbers people and food people. Consulting with a team of over 50 professionals — from high profile talent to no bullshit operators, Public Journal worked their guts out to develop a sophisticated response that enabled Delaware North to successfully partner with Auckland Airport, landing more sites than their ideal target.

The publication was over 50,000 words of strategic business, marketing and creative copywriting across over 250 pages, supported by original artwork, brand photography, brand touch points and physical design concept sketches for 28 sites.

This response has formed the strategic backbone for ongoing bids, supporting a major shift in how big food business gets done. We take a bow for this one. And apologise to everyone who missed us during our nerdy hospo pursuit.


This publication needed to breathe an authentic Auckland Airport experience. After a series of top level consultations and extensive RFT analysis, Public Journal worked with key stakeholders to tease out the creative brief.


What was it about Auckland Airport that was different to every other Airport? How did the light outside give cues to the illusive nature of time within? What would passengers see when they looked out of their windows upon take off and landing? This unique experience for passengers and staff of moving between outside and in became our conceptual focus. Outside was conveyed with subtle shifts in gradients of light layered over dramatic landscape photography throughout the dividers and cover pages. Inside was a carefully detailed walkthrough of every nuance of the proposed food and beverage offering.


Working closely with art director Hung Lem and supporting designer Ryan Romanes, Public Journal commissioned drone photographer Petra Leary to capture north, south, east and west in birds eye view of Auckland. The brief for Petra was to capture rugged coastlines, snowcapped peaks, rolling farmland and native bush with careful attention to morning and evening light.

We held our breath for good weather and Petra set off on her mission. The results made our hearts sing and provided a stunning visual narrative for sequencing document content. 


In response to detailed research of the Airport environment, Public Journal engaged with multiple consultants to develop a comprehensive business and marketing strategy that would underpin the proposed concept offerings.

We broke down the broad mix of consumer demands based on wants, needs and environmental circumstances.

Public Journal were supporting Delaware North to form partnerships with over 20 reputable brands to develop detailed designs for lease opportunities within Auckland Airport.


It was our role to ensure the brands spoke authentically. The copywriting challenge was to communicate a consistently high quality product whilst delivering over 20 unique brand voices.

We had a lot of characters in our heads.

Public Journal were also responsible for developing 5 unique brand identities with some of Australia and New Zealand’s finest hospitality talent. The development of these proposed brands included consulting on options for product and operational delivery as well as the physical design, branding touchpoints and brand copywriting.

The final document was telling of a truly collaborative project — all hands on deck, living and breathing a vision for what this contract could be — anchored by people and place.


And it worked.
Eat up next time you're in Auckland Airport.

And it worked.
Eat up next time you're in Auckland Airport.