Here are some measures I have
put in place for Public Journal:

Here are some measures I have put in place for Public Journal:

Here are some measures I have put in place for Public Journal:

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Wellbeing Measures 

  • I’ve asked staff to think about keeping positive, calm and sensible. This is no time for panic and we all know the power of messaging. So we will try not to let the corona virus take up all of our head space but also treat it sensibly and responsibly;

  • I’ve asked staff to put their health first. Plenty of water, don't work in pyjamas and think about routines ahead of time. Working from home is not the same as working in a studio or even coffee shop! So staff will think about when to take a walk / do some exercise, talk to friends, spend time with family and find ways to turn off from work.


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Responsible Business Measures

Public Journal conducts its business on the unceded lands of eastern Kulin. We will continue to find ways to do our business respectfully on Country.

It is our responsibility to know our business in these circumstances. We will continue to think about our greater community, especially those who may not have the privilege to choose to work from home or who may be much more vulnerable to current social changes. 

 As a business owner I have considered the impact this has on our network. Here are some measures I have put in place and will continue to work on:

  • One of our cherished photographers was booked for one of our cancelled events and has had her coming weeks of work cancelled. Freelancers and sole traders are invaluable to our society and they are often the first to feel financial stress in times like these, often with little cashflow or safety net to fall back on. We will be pre-paying her for the cancelled gig and looking out for opportunities for her with our clients and networks;

  • I have signed this petition to the government and will be writing to our local MP about measures to support sole traders and small businesses;

  • As of today, all of our collaborators and suppliers have been paid early or on time;

  • I will talk to our small business clients and NGOs throughout the week and make sure that the work we have engaged to do will not impact them negatively;

  • I will be invoicing our more robust clients for all work completed to date to ensure cashflow;

  • I will be checking in with all of our collaborators and freelancers to see how this is impacting them and their network and keeping this information transparent.

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Our approach to our work

We have already started working with clients on virtual delivery of planned conferences, lectures and programs and will be thinking about ways we can continue to develop positive social messaging.

We are keeping the dialogue calm, open and using our problem solving skills.

We will update this open letter as more becomes known. Looking forward to making this work!

Noon gudgin — thank you,